Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Peril of travelling in train alone

I managed to reach the station one hour before the departure of the train. I was going to Aurangabad for the first time. I had to further go to Ahmednagar by bus. Then come back in the evening to Aurangabad. It was going to be a hectic schedule. I was mentally preparing myself for it. I checked my name printed on the confirmed list. It feels so good to see your name in confirmed list. I remember the times when I had travelled without confirmed tickets or without proper tickets. Another thing which makes me feel happy is to see the correct spelling of my name and also my correct age. Whenever I see my age written somewhere I get a little sad. 24,25,26...now 27. I am not getting any younger!

My berth number was 7. I put my bag under it and was thinking about the hectic schedule of the next three days when a beautiful female came up to me.

She asked, "Excuse me".

Suddenly I forgot all the problems of my life. Females are amazing creatures. They can make your mind stop anytime they want.

I replied, "Yes please." No matter how hard I tried to keep a straight face, I still managed to give a big smile.

She asked, "Are you single?"

Was I dreaming or what. I always knew I was decent looking but not as much as a hunk that an unknown girl would ask me in a train whether I was single. Wow I can brag this to my friends for my whole life.

I replied excitedly, "Yea definitely I am. Single and you see ready to..."

She didnt let me complete my sentence, "Thats great.", she said.

Wow, she feels that me being single is great for her. Dont wake me up anyone. If its a dream I want to be in it for some more time. It would be okay if I get late for office even today. No one anyway cares what time I come to office.

Then she said, "Since you are single, would you mind shifting to berth number 2 so that my husband can be with me?"

Wish this was actually a dream and I could get out of it.

"Yea sure. Why not. My pleasure." , saying this I shifted myself and my luggage to seat number 2. Her husband was kind enough to help me shift the luggage. He was a decent guy and deserved that chick.

So now I was feeling like a fool. I sat on berth number 2 where I had two old men for company. They were bragging with each other about themselves. One of them asked me after some time, "Excuse me. Are you travelling alone?"

I felt like telling him, "No. I am travelling with you. Ha. Ha. Ha."

But I was too bored and frustated now. I replied, "Yes unfortunately."

"So would you mind shifting to berth number 13. One of our seats are there."

What the hell? Again. Don't I have anything else to do or what. Well its not their fault. Its mine. I am the one travelling in train without company. I guess every lone traveller in train faces this.

"Sure. Why not?" I said and then took my baggage and myself to berth number 13. Since the guy was old I didn't expect him to help me shift. While going to my new berth I saw the couple, one of whom were technically sitting on my berth. He looked concerned when he saw me moving with my baggage. I told him the story and again he helped me shift to berth number 13.

The train was supposed to depart at 11.30 pm. It left the station on time. I had a lower berth and was planning to sleep. I heard another voice,

"Excuse me."

Now who is there?, "Yes" I replied.

There was an old lady as my co-passenger. She said, "Beta, would you mind sleeping on the upper berth. I cant climb it up."

"Sure, why not." I told her and shifted myself to the upper berth. If I can change my berth twice, I can also change it thrice.

After some time I went to the loo. While coming back I saw a beautiful chick. After looking at me she gave a smile and said, "Hi."

I said boringly, "Hello."

"Whats your name?", she asked

"Fazayal." (Wow a girl taking intro from me. When was the last time it happened.)

"I'm Namrata. Nice to meet you."

"Same here." (I am elated.)

"Are you from Mumbai?"

"Yes. I am" (Should I ask her number. I guess the pace at which she is going, she is the one who will ask)

"Me too."

"Great!" (Awesome! Fantastic!)

Suddenly she asked, "Are you single?"

I heard this sentence and lost my cool.

"Yes I am single and I am sleeping at berth number 14. And in no condition am I going to exchange it with your husband, brother or father. I am fed up of this exercise. Is it a crime for a guy to travel alone."

She got scared and ran away. Was she asking me about whether I was travelling alone or about my relationship status? Who cares now?

Aurangabad-Ahmednagar here I come!


Electra said...

Oh! why is Fazayal always being encounterd with such unneccessary hard exercises at his train journeies..? And this is too much here, gets something good to feel and the very next moment finds the good stuff stored for someone else.
Wish, Namrata could atleast have been a fine abbetor of your jorney at the latest part; so that your Status could have changed now and no more at your rest part of your journey life, you would have been traveling "single".!!

Anyways Good to find you back again with your fine writings. Don't get a break to the flow of your thoughts ever and keep going with your expressive writings that turns out to be impressive for your fans....!!


"Peril of Travelling in Train Alone"

As it is mention in above about short story on travelling to aurangabad from train to us it was a glad to read it.According to my point every girl is not the same that we think n ho knows that by changing the birth three times u can get a lucky chance to meet the right girl who is going to ask you that if u r single so v can give a company to each other but u stopped her n scared her by your mental problem.....nys at last it was a great story to us n also a happy journey to you.

Anand said...

moral of the story is Don't Travel Alone, that too as eligible bachelor

C 4 Creativity said...

Good one bhai :-)

Mandar S Dandekar said...

Hi fazy.. was good to hear this... good one... good exercise ...

sonu said...

U r gr8 company, ask me!!! People who missed U ....their loss!

go kool said...

That narration was kool....Persistence my friend can take you places. Come back with more. Ciao :)

sharmila said...

Good one Buddy, pretty interesting

Sahim Ahmed, Chemical Engineer, Mumbai said...

fazayal bhai......

your wit and flow are nice. you can write good short stories (travalogues???).
Baroda wala and this latest one both have good flow.

thanks that you read my post "ISLAM is against........ " and also commented. But what was the wrong in my writtings that you thought me as wahaabi.??????

anyway.... your comments are welcome and in fact I am starved of comments in my blog. I need your encouragement.....

Syed Aelina said...

Fine way to present the travelling.

Anonymous said...

nice 1 bhai...