Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Three Sentence Stories!!

Here I am going to post some short stories of mine. Some really very short stories! All the stories will have only three sentences. Watch this space for more!


I boarded a local train after watching the night show of horror movie at CINEMAX.

I went to the only man sitting in the compartment and asked him, "Sir, do you believe in ghosts?"

He looked at me, smiled, said, "No I don't, do you?" and disappeared!



I prepared the lecture on "Punctuality and Professionalism" till late night.

I was really pleased with my rehearsals and could imagine the applause I would get after finishing the presentation the next morning

When I woke up it was already afternoon and my mobile phone on silent mode showed "26 Missed Calls".



Even though I was quite friendly with my party freak neighbours, I didn't like their habit of playing music loudly in the night.

It was my birthday today and I wanted to sleep peacefully, so thought of requesting them to co-operate.

As soon as I entered their house I heard my whole housing society singing , "Happy birthday to you.!"