Saturday, August 23, 2008




I had very high expectations from this film when I entered the movie hall, but all of them were dashed badly within the after the first ten minutes. The film started with a bang with the title song but fizzled out soon.

The film shows three time periods viz. 1996, 2002 ad 2007. Sadly all three periods look similiar. The director didnt do anything to make the look of the film original than saying mobile phone being recetly launched in 1996. The fashion, the hairstyle, everything looked of 2008! I never saw any girl wearing genie style pyjamas in 1996 like Minisha Lamba wore!

Hiten Paintal playing Ranbir's friend gets away with the best lines in the film. Minisha Lamba needs to seriously do something about here skin (or was it bad make-up). It makes her look terrible. The chemistry between Ranbir and all three ladies looked good and thats what gives this film its single star rating.

Like many hindi films Minisha misses her train in a foreign city and she falls in love with Ranbir on the way. Now when Minisha is reunited with her parents they look so cool as if nothing had happened . But they still say, "We were very worried."

Now Ranbir ditches her and the story moves to 2002.

Bipasha Basu becomes his live in girlfriend. Thankfuly Hiten Paintal is still there to make the film a bit watchable. Bipasha wears her childhood clothes and Ranbir is seen topless in many scenes. One advice for him :Dude you dont go topless with such kind of tweeny body. First make your body like Salman, John, Hrithik etc. and then try removing your shirt!

So now Ranbir wants to ditch Bipasha and fly to Australia. He tries all the tried and tested methods given by Hiten, but still Bipasha doesnt give up. Lastly he shamelessly leaves her waiting for him at the steps of marriage court with full bridal get up!

Now we come in 2007. Ranbir is a play boy in Australia. Having fun with girls. While doing his "Rajgiri" (thats what he calls his playboyism as) he meets a lady taxi driver, Deepika, who is an MBA student who drives taxi in night to meet ends.

While Ranbir is shopping in supermarket, 90% of his buys are condoms. Here he meets Deepika again who is a cashier at supermarket! Now if she drives taxi in night and works in supermarket during day, when the hell does she go to college and study?

Now they start dating each other and fall in love. Ranbir all of a sudden proposes to Deepika and she refuses. Ranbir's heart is broken and he feels for the heart of two girls he broke in his lifetime and thinks of apologising them.

Then follows the drama. I felt like watching a poor version of DDLJ when Ranbir is on a mission to get forgiveness of Minisha. Kunal Kapoor plays his 2 bit role to perfection.

Then Ranbir tries to get forgiveness from Bipasha, who is now a super model. She has loads of attitude and shows it well. He tries hard but she ignores him. Lastly she agrees to forgive him on a condition that he will be her assistant.

Then she abuses him, uses him, makes fun of him, makes his life hell, but he still serves her like a slave.

He is polishing her nails (Arrgh) when there starts another melodrama. This was the time when I thought it was enough torture on my brain and I left the theatre. So I dont know what happens in the end. I was happy that I was saved of 30 minutes of torture that was in store for me.

After I came out of the cinema hall I was searching for the refund form so that i could get my money back!


Dr mubin said...

hey shabbir i really agree with you on the bachna ai haseeno i guess it should be called bachna ai logon is film se......good going

Nitin Kumsi said...

I havent seen the movie myself.. but it sounds terrible.
I did hear a few of the songs like Khuda Jaane and Ahista which I quite liked.