Monday, December 15, 2008



We have been bombarded with TV shows recently which make winners out of ordinary people. You have an audition, sing well, dance well and keep on surviving the eliminations through SMSes and become a winner. The whole nation takes notice of you and you become a household name.

In my opinion these are not the real winners.

The real winners are around us, but we fail to see them because of our social blindness. This is not strange considering the fact that even though we keep in touch with people living on the other side of the earth through internet, we do not know who stays in our neighbourhood.

To see the winners we must look beyond the smoke of glamourous world created by television and other medias.

Everyone travelling in Mumbai's local train in rush hour is a winner. The autorickshaw driver who works twelve hours a day is a winner. The traffic constable who does his duty on a hot afternoon even though his hands pain is a winner. The youth who stays away from alcohol and drugs is a winner. The parents who sacrifice their whole life for the sake of their children are winners. The student who burns the midnight oil studying instead of visiting rave parties is a winner. The mother who delivers a baby is a winner. The man who works out harder in a gym instead of taking steroids is a winner. The office boy who cleans my office every hour is a winner. The doctors and nurses who tend patients day and night continously are winners. The child who prefers losing a cricket match on ground than winning a Worldcup on his computer game is a winner. The vegetable seller who pushes his cart in 40*C is a winner. The newspaper boys, dabawaalas, milkmen etc. who keep on pedalling their bicycles whether its snow, rain or sun are winners. The list can go on and on....

For me these are the real winners and I rate them higher than the contestants who win huge amounts of prize money in realty shows. Those guys must be fighting with fellow contestants but my winners are fighting with fate!


Nivipooh said...

Hey I like the clarity of your thoughts.
The concept in your head is very clear in your writing and good concept.
I am sure many of us have thought that this person should be called a winner for his / her bravery but only since media don't highlight them they don't shine.
Keep writing!!

Altaf ur Rehman said...

I think both are real winners.It is really difficult to perform in front of such a large crowd

Ajp said...


That's the reality of life. The winners in the contest are winners in there own right no doubt. However, millions of people who defeat the adversities in daily life and emerge as winners are the winners in real life.

When I see a beutiful painting and then someone tells me that the painter doesn't have hands ; I am awestruck. That painter is also the winner for me. So see, your list of winners will keep on expanding everyday.
The kids trying to entertain mumbai-local train commuters in their unusual voice and singing, get pushed away and sometimes are abused by the commuters as well. but, they still keep doing there job. They are not beggars, For a rupee or two they try to entertain them. And when I see them playing on some platform in the evening, I am mesmorized by their innocence and still child-like behaviour. They are the winners as well.

What do you think?

fazayal said...

100% agreed with you AJP!

Winners are all around us. We just dont see!

shubhu said...

You are my WINNER!!!
You are writing about US, everyone of US.

We need to understand that the people who compete in various contests and pageants are merely investments.They are the products of the show sponsorers and producers.They sell their products and we buy them.

I guess everyone is a winner here. The investors get money, contestants get recognition for their talent, and we get something or someone to look upto and a chance to be a part of it.