Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Some Udipi Restaurant Facts

Friends I have been eating and enjoying South Indian food at Udipi Restaurants (or is it just Udipis) for many years. These are my critical observations. You are free to add yours.

Fact # 1 : Never trust an Udipi which charges for extra Sambhar and Chutney.

Fact # 2 : Just as its the journey and not the destination which makes the difference, similarly its not the Idli or Dosa but Sambhar and Chutney that make the difference.

Fact # 3 : People who order Idli-Meduwada are feeling confused that day.

Fact # 4 : If someone orders a complicated dish like Palak Butter Rava Mysore Masala Dosa, one thing is sure. This person is not the one paying the bill.

Fact # 5 : Mysore Masala Dosa on roadside stall is totally different from the one served in restaurants.

Fact # 6 : Udipi Law of reversibility, "As the cleanliness of the hotel increases the taste of food decreases."

Fact # 7 : Restaurants serve two Idlis or Wadas in one plate. Roadside stall serve three.

Fact # 8 : Price of Medu Wada & Idli is same no matter how much difference in the price of rice and urad dal.

Fact # 9 : There are two types of people in this world. Ones who prefer Idli or Wada totally dipped in Sambhar while the others who ask for Sambhar seperately.

Fact # 10 : If a restaurant charges extra for extra Sambhar and Chutney, the tip to the waiter gets forfeited.

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Electra said...

Uima Udipi.!!
Remembering Meduwada from fact#3 :P